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If you love breastfeeding and you support women to succeed in breastfeeding then you are a lactaction activist = Lactivist!

This page is dedicated to causes within South Africa as well as abroad that promote awareness regarding breastfeeding.
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Article on HIV and Infant Feeding for Child Survival in South Africa
The World Health Organization released revised principles and recommendations for HIV and infant feeding in November 2009. The recommendations are based on programmatic evidence and research studies that have accumulated over the past few years within African countries. This document urges national or subnational health authorities to decide whether health services should mainly counsel and support HIV-infected mothers to breastfeed and receive antiretroviral interventions, or to avoid all breastfeeding, based on estimations of which strategy is likely to give infants in those communities the greatest chance of HIV-free survival. South Africa has recently revised its clinical guidelines for prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission, adopting many of the recommendations in the November 2009 World Health Organization’s rapid advice on use of antiretroviral drugs for treating pregnant women and preventing HIV infection in infants. However, one aspect of the new South African guidelines is cause for concern: the continued provision of free formula milk to HIV-infected women through public health facilities. This paper presents the latest evidence regarding mortality and morbidity associated with feeding practices in the context of HIV and suggests a modification of current policy to prioritize child survival for all South African children.


Truelove Article on Exclusive Breastfeeding
UNICEF, TRUE LOVE and the South African Department of Health have partnered to highlight the importance of breastfeeding to both mothers and babies.




About 10 million of the world’s children die every year before they reach their fifth birthday. That is, over 27,000 per day, or over 1100 per hour. Of these, over a third – more than 450 – are less than a month old. Evidence tells us that good breastfeeding practices can save thousands of these babies.

Unfortunately, not even half the women of the world can carry out adequate breastfeeding.
135 Million, babies are born every year.
Only 64 million women can initiate timely breastfeeding.
Only 48 million women can practise exclusive breastfeeding for six months.

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Good breastfeeding practices include:

  • initiation of breastfeeding within one hour of birth,
  • exclusive breastfeeding for six months, and
  • introducing healthy nourishing foods while continuing to breastfeed thereafter

Good breastfeeding practices:

  • Save children’s lives
  • Prevent killer diseases during childhood
  • Improve IQ levels of children, as well as makes them more emotionally secure
  • Strengthen family bonds
  • Protect children against high blood pressure, cardiac disease

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